Catalysing future-proof


Catalysing future-proof

Career transition, Competitive edge, Work-life balance
Employee engagement, Customer mapping, Empathic leadership…
today’s personal development and organisational landscape is multi-faceted

your ability to navigate unknown territory.

Transformational Journeys delivers market growth, career success and leadership capability through a combination of eLearning, workshops, coaching and media production 
which create an infectious energy that moves everybody forward together.

Capability is the road map

that turns your goals into results

Let’s out-grow and out-perform the past. Let’s be driven by purpose and meaning as well as productivity and profit. Let’s build a world that embraces and empowers all of us.

Our training facilitator Shelley Huang is a powerful storyteller and change agent who has studied the human experience across the globe and found the threads that connect us all together.

Teamed up with HRINZ – Human Resources Institute of New Zealand and sponsored by Fonterra, we discussed the key steps from thought leadership to action leadership on Diversity & Inclusion with over 40 HR GMs and senior managers in New Zealand.

Corp training

Cultural Intelligence training

Led the design of the first Cultural Intelligence (CQ) training undertaken by IAG, New Zealand’s largest insurance group, and attracted 20 business units across Sydney, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch along with representatives from PWC, AirNZ, ASB, ANZ and Vector.

Partnered up with Auckland Business strategy, we have delivered both workshops and webinars for entrepreneurs who aim to understand more about Asian customers and develop effective strategies to increase growth.


Provided New Zealand Asian professionals interactive workshops and webinars on how to raise their voice, salary and status in their career? The ongoing workshops focused on lifting professionals’ capability of effective communication, personal branding and emotional resilience etc.

the success in your market and career!


Professionals & Entrepreneurs

SPECIALITY ► DCC(determination , confidence , courage), cross-cultural career development, change management, emotional resilience & self-compassion, authentic charisma, innovation & creativity, X-factor, personal branding, public speaking, media interview strategy, job-hunting, network marketing, effective persuasion.

diversity in market

Businesses & Communities

SPECIALITY ► Business value/opportunity creation, employee engagement and belonging, cross-cultural intelligence, employer branding, business growth and impact, team building, effective persuasion.



As every organisation is different, 
we work in partnership with you to deliver 
the transformational results 
that will meet your unique goals. If you have the vision to succeed, we'll have the "know how" to equip you to better, faster and cost-effectively to achieve your business growth and career development.

of your business and personal growth.

is your capability