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Recommendations from politicians, Ceos and Reporters

“I first met Shelley when I worked as Business Reporter for TV3. She was working for Chinese Television here in New Zealand and very bravely asked the Chinese President Hu Jintao a question about Chinese students as he was leaving a press conference. It so impressed me that she had that courage to shout out a question to him (which he answered incidentally) that we put the exchange on the 6 o'clock news that night. Since that time, I have come to know Shelley as a colleague and a friend.”
Sarah Bradley
News Reporter, Television New Zealand
“Shelley has considerable PR and Communication experience as well as natural talent. She was able to take the initiative with flair and style and consult as needed. She also demonstrated a high level of emotional as well as intellectual intelligence and upward management skills. She reads people very effectively. Beneath her effervescence, she is an astute judge of character and situation. This was very important, given the seniority of many of the people with whom she was inter acting. She was a pleasure to have as a senior member of the team.”
Phillip Gibson
Former Commissioner General of New Zealand Pavilion in Shanghai Expo 2010, Ministry of Foreign Affair and Trade
“Ms Huang has impressed Rotorua District Council with her dedication and determination to succeed. She is a competent, articulate and dedicated young woman whose impressive business experience and skills were a compelling reason for employing her to assist us with our international marketing programmes. While we have placed significant expectations on her, she has demonstrated that she is more than capable of meeting those challenges, and continues to do so with professionalism, enthusiasm and good humour. ”
Kevin Winters
Former Mayor of Rotorua
“Shelley showed courage by taking on challenging conversations, listening to opinions from people from diverse backgrounds and identifying the mutual benefits of partnering to bring it to life. This impressed the councillors, stakeholders and industry players in Rotorua. As a result, the strategy won the majority vote from the council and Rotorua Tourism Committee.”
Mark Rawson
Former CEO of Destination Rotorua
“Shelley added huge value in a number of areas, particularly in supporting IAG to diversify and refine its marketing and communications approach in key target areas helping open doors for business, while also helping manage reputation in an 'issues rich' and sometimes challenging environment.”
Craig Dowling
Former Head of Corporate Affairs at IAG
“Shelley is a born grafter and multi-tasker. In order to gather content for ‘China: Off The Beaten Track’, Shelley led a TV crew made up of people from China, the UK, the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand for six months in one of the most remote areas of China where there is no running water, mobile telephone signal or television. I was always impressed by Shelley’s spirited approach to overcoming setbacks. ”
Manutai Schuster
Former Head of Acquisitions & Commissioning, Maori Television

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