Igniting inclusion for diverse audiences


Igniting inclusion for
diverse audiences

Turn your vision into motivation and action through
emphatic leadership, emotional connection,
belonging, cultural intelligence and team engagement.

Shelley Huang is a powerful storyteller and transformational leader
who has studied the human experience across the globe
and found the threads that connect us all together.

of your organisational development.

An intrepid traveller of the mind, heart and soul,
Shelley is able to design empathic leadership programme through
speaking, insights and “test and learn” practice,
with a focus on the business results
that reward those with the courage to lead us forward.

MoU between Rotorua District Council and China Southern Airlines

Established the first strategic partnership in New Zealand between a local government and the fourth largest airline in the world – China Southern Airlines in order to boost tourism investment and revenue.

"Diversity Media Familiarisation Programme"

Increased IAG’s senior leadership’s cultural intelligence (CQ) by designing “Diversity Media Famil Programme”, through which C-suite leaders interacted with different ethnicities’ media and gained better understanding about their employees and customers.

China off the beaten track

'China off the beaten track' TV show

Led a team of ten crews from New Zealand, Australia, UK, US, Canada and China and produced the first NZ-made travel series that provided insight into the indigenous Chinese culture.

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