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So You Want To

Better manage your emotion to improve relationships?
Ignite your inner fire to get rid of fear?
Take worries away to love yourself wholly?

Join The Be Your Own Boss Programme
Starting from just $579

Don’t Expect to Create a Bounding Relationship Just Because You Care!
Don’t Expect to Face No Risks Just Because You Stay In Your Comfort Zone!

If you want to overcome roadblocks to growth and joy,
have more physical and mental energy,
reach your unstoppable and incomparable vibration and power,
you’ll need to implement a plan of action to create more resilience, authenticity and self-compassion in life.

Green Kiwi Package

3 Coaching sessions (one hour per a session and one session every two weeks):

Catalysing that consciousness serving your life purpose with Shelley through one-on-one online coaching sessions, designed to increase your emotional resilience, provide skill-building and facilitate mindset and behavioural shifts needed to increase personal growth. 

Tailored weekly post-coaching exercise will transfer your learning to actions and hold you accountable for your own success!


  • A free 30mins one-on-one coaching session with Shelley before or after the 3 sessions
  • Unlimited Q&A assistance during the 3 sessions through social media messages

Total Investment

Hourly Coaching Rate

The Result?

CONFIDENCE to manage your emotions

ENERGY to create meaningful changes

POWER to thrive on any life challenges

What you can expect:

#1: Breakthrough: it is faster, better and more efficiently to overcome your fear, procrastination and perfection with a coach who can see blind spots that you can’t see, and facilitate a high level of self-awareness and empowerment from exploring to questioning to awakening.

#2: Action: the coaching we are doing aim to trigger your action to foster a meaningful life. I won’t tell you what to do and neither will I do it for you because you have no power in both approaches. I will do it with you so you know exactly when and where you get stuck and ask for help in order to get your power back.

#3: Expertise: stop trying to be good at everything and just be good at what you are passionate about! You are the expert in your story and your coach is the expert in this transformational growth. Let your coach walk you through all the up and down and hold 50% responsibility of your life when you don’t know where to go but you don’t have to give them 50% of your life achievements in the end.

#4: Accountability: every meaningful action in life goes through an emotional journey of assuming, challenging, goal-setting, overwhelming, rejecting, denying, doubting, reassuring, pushing, reminding, letting-go, guiding and encouraging etc. That is why it is very hard to hold yourself accountable, so inviting an expert in the process can help you release half of the pressure and double the efficiency.

#5: Change: a different and broader perspective about struggles, context and the world can facilitate a meaningful mind-set and behaviour change, so you can make a better choice without being too judgemental but more compassionate toward yourself and others.

#6: Power: build a strength to live life on your own terms not played by rules. It is ok to feel shut down and powerless but you always have the potential to create possibilities, you always have the opportunity to work on your passion, and you always have the charisma to influence others. Learn how to get the power back to increase harmony, peace and love in your life.

#7: Resilience and Health: the signal of having sleeplessness, anxiety and headache reminds us the need of managing our thoughts, emotion and energy, most importantly, loving ourselves.  Self-compassion and emotional resilience are the key capabilities your coach aim to catalyse for you!

#8: Support: our friends and families are the most important ones who can support us, but their background, bias and expectation can sometimes become a heavy weight on your shoulder stopping you living your own life or moving forward. That is why you need an active listener who can empathise not a listen who sympathise, and a strategic advisor who can recommend suitable insights and networks for you to recharge in life.


    Aprile Kellick

Shelley’s coaching gave me clarification and a plan of action very effectively. She was very good at bringing my attention to how I was thinking and how it was serving me. She listened to me and engaged with my issue to bring my attention to the depth and importance of it. Our coaching sessions gave me insight to my thinking and this not only found a resolution to my immediate issue, I can now apply that thinking to other areas of my life.

        - Aprile Kellick

Who is Shelley Huang?

Shelley Huang is a champion who has determination and confidence to tap into people’s vitality and achieve massive results. She is one of the top multi-lingual and multi-cultural career coaches in New Zealand who had benchmarking careers in Media, Government and Business globally. She is also an award winning cultural fusion innovator, change agent and inclusive leadership advocate.

Shelley is widely considered to be one of fewer female Asian speakers in business strategy, diversity and inclusion and personal success by Conferenz, Governance NZ, NZ Asian Leaders etc. Her stories were featured by major international media networks like TVNZ, Maori TV, NZ Herald, Stuff, CCTV international and JSTV etc. (please click the media icons below to see different featured stories reported by print, TV and online media)

As a certified professional coach, Shelley has achieved 99% success rate on clients’ ROI and in-depth understanding of more than 20 industries. She is a renowned industry high-performer and was awarded the 2011 Deloitte Chinese Business Figures Award and was nominated as a finalist in the 2016 Women of Influence Award (Diversity Category).

With a vision of “connecting individuals and culture to empower our future”, Shelley is truly an intrepid traveller of the mind, heart and soul, and a passionate volunteer for YMCA Future Leader’s programme, Age Concern, and the Red Cross. She is an purposeful leader who can bring cultural diversity and capability alive for any audience, with a focus on the business results and building an inclusive future where we all truly contribute and belong.

Shelley Huang was a finalist of 2016 Women of Influence Award in the Diversity category.

Shelley Huang was the winner of the Deloitte 2011 Chinese Business Figures Awards.

Shelley has studied the human experience across the globe

Initiated "Inclusion Challenge 2018" and delivered the presentation in Fonterra for Human Resources Institute of New Zealand

Led the design of the first Cultural Intelligence (CQ) training in IAG, and attracted 20 business units across Sydney, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch along with representatives from PWC, AirNZ, ASB, ANZ and Vector.

Public speaking

Participated a panel discussion hosted by Fran O'Sullivan on Asian market digital engagement

Filmed a documentary three days after Wenchuan earthquake, occurred in Sichuan Province, China, on May 12, 2008

Prepared meals regularly for homeless people as a volunteer of Tzu Chin Foundation

Organised street donation with Red Cross Shanghai for the victims of Wenchuan Earthquake, 2008

Produced the first NZ-made travel series about the indigenous Chinese culture - ‘China: Off the Beaten Track’ for Maori TV

Produced the first NZ-made travel series about the indigenous Chinese culture - ‘China: Off the Beaten Track’ for Maori TV

Produced the first NZ-made travel series about the indigenous Chinese culture - ‘China: Off the Beaten Track’ for Maori TV

Interviewed Chinese President Hu Jintao in Auckland, 2003​

Delivered 15 live-cross news and 9 feature stories in the Israel-Lebanon war zone, 2006

Interviewed New ZealandPrime Minister Helen Clark, 2003


Organised "Business Round Table" meeting for New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, 2010

Established the strategic partnership between Rotorua District Council and the fourth largest airline in the world, China Southern Airlines.

Promoted New Zealand Tourism products and services for international buyers in Asia

Won 2011 Deloitte Chinese Business Figures Award


A finalist of 2016 Westpac Women of Influence Award (Diversity Category)

Shared NZ's stories with different international media as a senior representative of NZ Pavilion in Shanghhai Expo 2010

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