Calling action leadership
in Aotearoa!

Calling action leadership
in Aotearoa!

In the last few years huge steps have been taken towards tackling the gender pay gap,
but what about cultural diversity?
Do you know enough about it to help you succeed?

With nearly a third of most New Zealand businesses’ customer bases being ethnically diverse,
how cultural diversity is reflected in the makeup of your business
is more important now than ever!

“Is it evenly spread or is it concentrated at the
grassroots, middle or high management level of your workplace?”

“Do we have executives, CEOs or directors
who look, speak and think like those culturally diverse customers in New Zealand?”

“How can we empower culturally diverse talents to
be bold in creating their proud footprint and innovation for New Zealand?”

Between July and November 2018, Transformational Journeys – whose vision
is to connect individuals and cultures to empower our future
will run a series of Inclusion Challenge capability development workshops in the community and business,
aimed at building people’s competitive edge
by understanding and connecting with other cultures, personality and beliefs.

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a 360-degree inclusion roadmap for the workplace
where executives, managers, employees, communities and influencers
come together to champion inclusion action leadership in Aotearoa!

Our goal is to take the ‘thought’ part of thought leadership and convert it into
effective action leadership, this special series of capability development workshops 
are intended to partner up with a range of organisations at the forefront of
championing developing capabilities for diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


We will bring the views from grassroots who are living and breathing the impact of social inclusion/exclusion to the table, compare it with a so-called mainstream view in New Zealand, and dive straight into the ‘how’ to manage some of the most challenging issues that optimises inclusion in the workplace and society.

We break the mold by bringing you an interactive experience using real-time opinion polling technology, role-play focused on changing perspectives and authentic video interviews to facilitate self-awareness and transformation.


Awareness is powerful, but it’s just the start; clarity empowers momentum forward! By the end of the workshop participants will be able to see their own blind-spots, allowing the clarity to tailor their personal and organisational approaches in action leadership.

If you are:


Leaders who want to walk the talk and build organisational coherence through cultural diversity.


Business owners who need Cultural Intelligence (CQ), growth strategy and campaign design to benefit from cultural diversity.


People managers who want to drive innovation and increase team efficiency.

From thought leadership to action leadership

HR professionals who want to champion inclusive leadership in recruitment, retention, employee engagement and organisational development.


Front-line employees who want to connect better with culturally diverse customers or clients.


Individuals with diverse backgrounds: You know how hard it was to survive and thrive in a foreign country, so let’s create your competitive edge from your multi-lingual, multi-cultural and cross-continent experiences.

If you find yourself asking questions such as:

  • Is cultural diversity recognisable in people in leadership positions at my place of work?
  • Do I feel the need to hide an aspect of my cultural, spiritual or emotional self at work?
  • What is magic bullet to make diversity become a new competitive advantage to increase efficiency, growth, engagement, retention and harmony, innovation, empathy?

If you enjoy these takeaways:

  • Courageous self-awareness
  • Inspirations to inspire your own actions
  • Capability development in Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Cultural Intelligence (CQ)
  • Innovative and interactive learning

Take the first step towards
optimising inclusion in Aotearoa

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