Kia Ora! I am  a bi-lingual & bi-cultural Chinese New Zealander who has spent half my life in China and half in beautiful New Zealand and
exploring the rest of the world.

As a young Chinese woman living in New Zealand I focused on the traditional definition of “success” – and found it in many corporate sectors and roles across
New Zealand, Singapore, Israel and China.

and changing the game through creativity, innovation and benchmarking has led me to:

The Shanghai World Expo, where I advised over 300 New Zealand firms on developing international commercial partnerships, many of whom went on to grow significantly through these strategic partnerships.

I created the first tourism campaign in New Zealand to target Asian consumers, “3 + 2 Love Rotorua” – resulting in a 20-50% sales increase and causing the campaign website to crash with a 648% increase in web traffic!

I pioneered D&I (diversity and inclusion) at IAG, where I designed, developed and delivered one of the first Cultural Intelligence (CQ) training programmes in New Zealand, also launched the popular Chinese app WeChat, revolutionising product knowledge, brand recognition and sales in the market.

I led a small team and managed CNY¥4million Volkswagen advertising campaign, designed a brand strategy to build the emotional connections with the target market and achieved higher customer engagement and brand awareness.
I spent eight years in media for TVNZ, Maori TV, WTV, Mediacorp (Singapore) and JSBC (China), I also led a team of ten TV crews to produce and host the first NZ-made travel series about the indigenous Chinese culture, and providing on-the-ground news stories as an Israel-Lebanon war correspondent.

I became known as an industry high-performer and was awarded the Deloitte Chinese Business Figures Award in 2011.


I became obsessed with the ‘how to’ of creating high-capability cultures through embracing inclusivity and was proud to be a finalist in the Women of Influence Award in the Diversity category in 2016.

Shelley Huang

Founder, Success Catalyst & Certified Professional Coach

Shelley Huang is a champion who has determination and confidence to tap into people’s vitality and achieve massive results. She is one of the top multi-lingual and multi-cultural career coaches in New Zealand who had benchmarking careers in Media, Government and Business globally. She is also an award winning cultural fusion innovator, change agent and inclusive leadership advocate.

Shelley is widely considered to be one of fewer female Asian speakers in business strategy, diversity and inclusion and personal success by Conferenz, Governance NZ, NZ Asian Leaders etc. Her stories were featured by major international media networks like TVNZ, Maori TV, NZ Herald, Stuff, CCTV international and JSTV etc. (please click the media icons below to see different featured stories reported by print, TV and online media)

As a certified professional coach, Shelley has achieved 99% success rate on clients’ ROI and in-depth understanding of more than 20 industries. She is a renowned industry high-performer and was awarded the 2011 Deloitte Chinese Business Figures Award and was nominated as a finalist in the 2016 Women of Influence Award (Diversity Category).

With a vision of “connecting individuals and culture to empower our future”, Shelley is truly an intrepid traveller of the mind, heart and soul, and a passionate volunteer for YMCA Future Leader’s programme, Age Concern, and the Red Cross. She is an purposeful leader who can bring cultural diversity and capability alive for any audience, with a focus on the business results and building an inclusive future where we all truly contribute and belong.

Ready to bring your capability alive?