Persuasion in Communication

6 Workshops, University of Auckland City Campus
6-8pm every Wednesday from July 10th 2019

learn how to use communication to move your career forward

Designed by Shelley Huang, Founder of Transformational Journeys

Please scan the QR codes to connect with:
Shelley on WeChat 

Designed by Shelley Huang, Founder of Transformational Journeys

Please scan the QR codes to connect with:
Shelley on WeChat

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So You Want To

Get a job
a promotion
or a pay-rise?

Join Our 6-Week’s Persuasion in Communication Workshops
for just $180/6 workshops or
$32/each workshop

Don’t Expect to Move Up the Ranks Just Because You Can Do Your Job!
Don’t Expect to Expand your Business Just Because You Have A Product!

If you want to move up the ladder, charge more and
move into higher leadership as a migrant,
you’ll need all sorts of communication practices to increase
emotional resilience, self-awareness, market intelligence and
design the most authentic but effective communication approach to advance your career!

Designed by Shelley Huang, Founder of Transformational Journeys

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Workshop Topics & Payment Options

July 10: How to prepare the hardest questions in a job interview? 


July 17: How to create a productive conversation with my direct manager?


July 24: How to build a support network by having more engaging communication with my colleagues and classmates?


July 31: How to create more opportunities by connecting with industry peers?


August 7: How to impress C-suite people (CEOs, CFOs etc) in a meeting or a day-to-day conversation?


August 14: How to nurture a persuasive communication with customers and clients?


6-Week’s Workshop Package for 1 person


6-Week’s Workshop Package for 2 persons 


The Result?

A Powerful Confidence and Solid Capabilities to Achieve
Career Progression & Life Fulfilment

What you can expect:

#1: No wasting of time, every minute is worth of your learning and you won’t find many PPT slides but more meaningful games, and rehearsals in our workshop. We don’t have guest speakers coming here share their personal stories but they are here to discuss how to conquer the same challenges in both your and their lives!

#2: Idea validation: it is common to seek validation especially when we have doubts or are about to make a significant decision. As migrants ourselves who have walked through our career advancement journey, we will give you our honest feedback about your ideas.

#3: Practice, practice, practice! there is no shortcut but more practices to secure your success. We won’t tell you what to do and neither will we do it for you because you have no power in both approaches. We will do it with you so you know exactly when and where you get stuck and ask for help in order to get your power back.

#4: Clarity on what your core competitive advantage is and how to explore and catalyse it! Without a strong self-awareness, you can hardly move forward and choose the best strategy for your career success.

#5: Emotional breakthrough: overcome your fear, hesitation and overwhelm of exploring your own potential, but more importantly, know how to increase your opportunity, influence and income.

#6: Confidence expansion: how to boost your confidence beyond your career is a much bigger success in your life and this is designed in every workshop over the 6 weeks’ time.

#7: Market intelligence and networking: You will be guided by experienced career coaches and HR professionals who have the wisdom and knowledge about the latest market trend, but most importably, how do you use those information to create your effective communication! It is all about who you know and what you know at the right timing to make a successful career and life!


    Aprile Kellick

Shelley’s coaching gave me clarification and a plan of action very effectively. She was very good at bringing my attention to how I was thinking and how it was serving me. She listened to me and engaged with my issue to bring my attention to the depth and importance of it. Our coaching sessions gave me insight to my thinking and this not only found a resolution to my immediate issue, I can now apply that thinking to other areas of my life.

        - Aprile Kellick

Recommendations from politicians, Ceos and Reporters

“I first met Shelley when I worked as Business Reporter for TV3. She was working for Chinese Television here in New Zealand and very bravely asked the Chinese President Hu Jintao a question about Chinese students as he was leaving a press conference. It so impressed me that she had that courage to shout out a question to him (which he answered incidentally) that we put the exchange on the 6 o'clock news that night. Since that time, I have come to know Shelley as a colleague and a friend.”
Sarah Bradley
News Reporter, Television New Zealand
“Shelley has considerable PR and Communication experience as well as natural talent. She was able to take the initiative with flair and style and consult as needed. She also demonstrated a high level of emotional as well as intellectual intelligence and upward management skills. She reads people very effectively. Beneath her effervescence, she is an astute judge of character and situation. This was very important, given the seniority of many of the people with whom she was inter acting. She was a pleasure to have as a senior member of the team.”
Phillip Gibson
Former Commissioner General of New Zealand Pavilion in Shanghai Expo 2010, Ministry of Foreign Affair and Trade
“Ms Huang has impressed Rotorua District Council with her dedication and determination to succeed. She is a competent, articulate and dedicated young woman whose impressive business experience and skills were a compelling reason for employing her to assist us with our international marketing programmes. While we have placed significant expectations on her, she has demonstrated that she is more than capable of meeting those challenges, and continues to do so with professionalism, enthusiasm and good humour. ”
Kevin Winters
Former Mayor of Rotorua
“Shelley showed courage by taking on challenging conversations, listening to opinions from people from diverse backgrounds and identifying the mutual benefits of partnering to bring it to life. This impressed the councillors, stakeholders and industry players in Rotorua. As a result, the strategy won the majority vote from the council and Rotorua Tourism Committee.”
Mark Rawson
Former CEO of Destination Rotorua
“Shelley added huge value in a number of areas, particularly in supporting IAG to diversify and refine its marketing and communications approach in key target areas helping open doors for business, while also helping manage reputation in an 'issues rich' and sometimes challenging environment.”
Craig Dowling
Former Head of Corporate Affairs at IAG
“Shelley is a born grafter and multi-tasker. In order to gather content for ‘China: Off The Beaten Track’, Shelley led a TV crew made up of people from China, the UK, the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand for six months in one of the most remote areas of China where there is no running water, mobile telephone signal or television. I was always impressed by Shelley’s spirited approach to overcoming setbacks. ”
Manutai Schuster
Former Head of Acquisitions & Commissioning, Maori Television

Who is Shelley Huang?

Shelley Huang is a champion who has determination and confidence to tap into people’s vitality and achieve massive results. She is one of the top multi-lingual and multi-cultural career coaches in New Zealand who had benchmarking careers in Media, Government and Business globally. She is also an award winning cultural fusion innovator, change agent and inclusive leadership advocate.

Shelley is widely considered to be one of fewer female Asian speakers in business strategy, diversity and inclusion and personal success by Conferenz, Governance NZ, NZ Asian Leaders etc. Her stories were featured by major international media networks like TVNZ, Maori TV, NZ Herald, Stuff, CCTV international and JSTV etc. (please click the media icons below to see different featured stories reported by print, TV and online media)

As a certified professional coach, Shelley has achieved 99% success rate on clients’ ROI and in-depth understanding of more than 20 industries. She is a renowned industry high-performer and was awarded the 2011 Deloitte Chinese Business Figures Award and was nominated as a finalist in the 2016 Women of Influence Award (Diversity Category).

With a vision of “connecting individuals and culture to empower our future”, Shelley is truly an intrepid traveller of the mind, heart and soul, and a passionate volunteer for YMCA Future Leader’s programme, Age Concern, and the Red Cross. She is an purposeful leader who can bring cultural diversity and capability alive for any audience, with a focus on the business results and building an inclusive future where we all truly contribute and belong.

Shelley Huang was a finalist of 2016 Women of Influence Award in the Diversity category.

Shelley Huang was the winner of the Deloitte 2011 Chinese Business Figures Awards.

Shelley's work across 20 industries in 3 countries over the last 17 years


Organised "Business Round Table" meeting for New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, 2010

Established the strategic partnership between Rotorua District Council and the fourth largest airline in the world, China Southern Airlines.

Hosted Helen Clark, the administrator of UNDP in the NZ Pavilion of Shanghai Expo 2010

Worked with New Zealand Prime Minister John Key on NZ National Day in Shanghai Expo 2010

Interviewed New ZealandPrime Minister Helen Clark, 2003

Interviewed Chinese President Hu Jintao in Auckland, 2003​

Won 2011 Deloitte Chinese Business Figures Award


A finalist of 2016 Westpac Women of Influence Award (Diversity Category)

Delivered 15 live-cross news and 9 feature stories in the Israel-Lebanon war zone, 2006

Public speaking

Participated a panel discussion hosted by Fran O'Sullivan on Asian market digital engagement

Shared NZ's stories with different international media as a senior representative of NZ Pavilion in Shanghhai Expo 2010

Participated Women of Influence panel discussion hosted by Kirsten Patterson, CEO of Institute of Directors

Initiated "Inclusion Challenge 2018" and delivered the presentation in Fonterra for Human Resources Institute of New Zealand

Led the design of the first Cultural Intelligence (CQ) training in IAG, and attracted 20 business units across Sydney, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch along with representatives from PWC, AirNZ, ASB, ANZ and Vector.

Promoted New Zealand Tourism products and services for international buyers in Asia

Organised Chinese celebrity Mr. Fei Meng to visit Rotorua and meet with the Mayor of Rotorua

Produced the first NZ-made travel series about the indigenous Chinese culture - ‘China: Off the Beaten Track’ for Maori TV

Prepared meals regularly for homeless people as a volunteer of Tzu Chin Foundation

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