Your Catalyst


Our world is fast-paced, complex and global…but in our rush to produce, perform and succeed, we’re leaving our human potential behind.

Business is not about transaction.
Business is about transformation.
It is about transforming other people’s lives! 
Transformational Journeys is on a mission to bring people alive so business can thrive.


Turning dreams into results.



Designing successful solutions.


Catalysing future-proof capabilities.



Future-thinking for future leaders.

We use an innovative approach catalysing your potential, results and success.
Traditional coaching provides you more clarification on your potential, value and purpose etc,
but it also serves as a mirror reflecting what is missing in your skill-building,
so our training offers you the playground to turn your weakness into strength.

More importantly, to apply what you learnt and to align it with your purpose and value
takes multiple trials and lessons, that is why you need to a strategist
who has been there and done that to walk you through all the ups and downs,
and design a winning strategy in the way
serving your purpose, developing your potential and fulfilling your life.

There is no change without leadership and
no leadership without courage.

From Coaching to Training to Strategising,
we will always be honest, challenging and collaborative in partnering with you,
so you can discover the “untapped power” within
to turn your dreams into results.

Einstein said we can’t solve a problem using the same thinking that created it.

Today, organisational capability requires the flexibility and innovation of multiple new tools and approaches — and the agility to switch between them easily.

With expertise that spans cross-cultural training, practical strategy and exclusive insights, we will blaze a trail alongside you or
catapult you ahead of the competition.

Transformation. Efficiency. Growth. Engagement. Influence.

Our services are often called “soft skills” but there is hard data to back it up!
From the undisputable research on engagement and productivity
to an increasing demand for growth in global markets, 
every business must now make the “transformational journey”
from the paradigm of the past to the one that will get results today.